Opening Sky Family Park (Kiev) - area of family holiday

Sky Family Park is 7 acres of open space, created for the perfect family holiday.

This is an area filled with all sorts of activities for children and adults. Grand area for cool family fun - large tents, picnic area, lounge chairs for relaxing and a fully equipped clean beach.

Opening of 3S "FORD" complex

Service AR LLC, which owns: Brand ArtSpace Engineering, Ultra and Atelier Advertising won the tender for a complex design of the territory and interior of the Ford Automobile Dealership and successfully completed the tasks within the stipulated period of time.

Opening of the water-sports complex Sentosa Cable Park

Sentosa Cable Park is a unique complex on the bank of the Dnieper River for leisure of lovers of water skiing and wakeboarding, including a rope way with length of 826 meters, a large area for recreation of sportsmen, sportswomen and other visitors, covered with tents and roof hoods.

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