Opening Sky Family Park (Kiev) - area of family holiday

Sky Family Park is 7 acres of open space, created for the perfect family holiday.

This is an area filled with all sorts of activities for children and adults. Grand area for cool family fun - large tents, picnic area, lounge chairs for relaxing and a fully equipped clean beach.

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Sky Family Park has been designed to be a new and absolutely unconventional venue for mass events, conceptual festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other events.

The customer set ambitious and challenging task: to mount a 2 mega tent area of over 1,000 square meters, each in a very short period of time - 45 days. ArtSpace engineering company has successfully coped with the task, and as a result 2 unique twin tents 11m in height and 36m in diameter accommodate more than 300 people and at the same time decorate the territory of Sky Family Park.

On the tents there used a combined technology of fastening tissue with the use of metal cables that can withstand a greater load. Tents are set on foundation blocks weighing about 90 tons, which allows the design, which has a huge windage, to withstand high wind loads. Strong structure allows to place a large number of sound and lighting equipment inside the tent. Also on the perimeter of one of the tents set awning design, a stretching of the size of 6x320 m, total area of 1920 sq.m. to protect the foodzone from sun and rain.

Awning constructions of the tents are manufactured using an awning fabric Mehler (made in Germany), coated with a layer of protection against UV-rays, which allows visitors to stay comfortably in the holiday area, even in the hottest weather.

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