Opening of the water-sports complex Sentosa Cable Park

Sentosa Cable Park is a unique complex on the bank of the Dnieper River for leisure of lovers of water skiing and wakeboarding, including a rope way with length of 826 meters, a large area for recreation of sportsmen, sportswomen and other visitors, covered with tents and roof hoods.

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All tent constructions are manufactured using a Mehler awning fabric (made in Germany), coated with a layer of protection against UV-rays, which allows visitors to feel comfortably in the territory of the complex, even in the hottest weather. Also in the territory for guests’ comfort there is a lounge area under a large white tent with an area of over 200 square meters without any internal support. This solution is ideal for all kinds of events (discos, weddings, parties) where without any restrictions you can implement any ideas for decoration and floral design, possibility of organizing feasts in the cocktail party and banquet formats. And the most important thing is a luxurious view of the Dnieper, a sense of freshness, the beauty of the sunset and the full effect of time.

Customer: water-sports club SENTOSA

The following works have been performed: development, manufacturing and installation of tent pavilions: rectangular 12*21 m, 8-angle 11*17 m, roof hoods, 4.5*7.2 m. Advertising street stelas “Cable Park”, illuminated signs “Sentosa”, and navigation elements.

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