Tent tension bracing

Tent tension bracing is the easiest and cheapest kind of the awning cover.

As a rule, it consists of several supportive bearings tent cloth affixed in between these bearings. It is characterized by absence of inner supportive bearings. 

The constructions have a light elegant look.

The supportive bearings and the tent tension bracings are usually affixed to a concrete base as they have to keep a hold of the cloth stretching as well as be resistant to wind strength.

Screw piles can serve as an alternative to concrete blocks.

ArtSpace Engineering Co. suggests several modifications of the previously mentioned supportive bearings, such as:

  • bearings made out of metal and painted inside a powder coating chamber,
  • wooden bearings made of a solid glued wood squared beam, and
  • glass and plastic painted bearings, which are recommended for heavily wet regions.

All the connecting elements can be made of steel, sand-blasted and painted; a modification made out of stainless steel, bronze and aluminium casted, made of the other substances, and even golden. Ropes made of zinc and non-corrosive ropes are also used as tension elements.  

The main advantages of the tent tension bracing:

  • a multiple choice of configurations,
  • fast assembling,
  • high firmness,
  • relatively-low price,
  • possibility of assembling /disassembling in field conditions, and 
  • mobility.

Below, there are several modifications of constructions, which can be varied either in height or overall dimensions.  

The cost of manufacturing in the warehouse of Dnepropetrovsk comprises 30 - 50 conventional units per 1 m2 of a covering area. The given price doesn’t include assembling work.








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We use architectural PVC fabric, which has a density of 630-930 g/sq. m., as a tenting. We use PVC fabric produced by German, Spanish, Korean companies: Mehler, SEDO, Polytex. Such cloth is highly holeproof and resistant to ultraviolet light.

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